W Y A T T    F L E T C H E R
Composer  ||  Researcher  ||  Educator
Biographical information :
I am a composer, researcher, and educator currently pursuing a doctoral degree in composition at the University of Washington (UW), where I study acoustic and computer music with Richard Karpen and Juan Pampin, and music theory with Jonathan Bernard, John Rahn, and Joël Durand.  I received a bachelor of music in composition from the University of South Florida (USF), where I studied acoustic and electronic music with Paul Reller and Hilton Jones at the Systems Complex for the Studio and Performing Arts (SYCOM), cello performance with Scott Kluksdahl, bass gamba with John Robison, and orchestration with James Lewis.  I also completed my master of music in composition at UW in 2004.
Outside of academia I have spent time as a freelance studio recording and mastering engineer and doing professional audio gear sales.  I’ve also done way too much time in sales, warehouse, and cubicle jobs, including a 6 year stint as a senior representative (read: middle management) at a credit union.
My interests beyond music include vintage and performance cars, auto mechanics, photoshop rendering, movies and film, and spending time with my family.
As Composer and Researcher :
I have created compositions for acoustic and electronic/digital medias, including interactive multimedia works.  My acoustic works range from small orchestra and wind ensemble pieces to solo instrument pieces, and my electronic and computer works include analog and digital synthesis and processing works for tape, tape and instrument, and realtime performance.  More recently I have been working towards the integration of live instruments and realtime computer processing and interaction.
My composition Wrought, for computer realized sound, has received mentions and performances from Bourges, ICMC, and the Spark Festival.
My current research interests include developing analysis techniques for electronic and computer music, and realtime performance with computers and live instruments.  Some specific current research projects include using Juan Pampin’s ATS software for music analysis purposes, an analysis of James Dashow’s ...at other times, the distances, and the development of an realtime interactive controller (for computer processing and synthesis) as part of my doctoral thesis.
As Educator :
In addition to my studies, I have also served as a teaching assistant and instructor for core and pre-core music courses at UW.  These have included tonal and post-tonal sightsinging, dictation, theory and analysis, species counterpoint, and theory for non-majors.  While at USF I served as a studio engineer for SYCOM and as a tutor for courses in electronic music, analog synthesis, midi, and realtime performance and recording.
Computer composition tools :
I have used many different computer software languages and programs since beginning in computer music in 2001, including CSound, CLM, Max/MSP, SuperCollider 2, Common Music, and now SC Server.  I also spent many years before and since using hard drive based audio recording and editing programs ranging from Spectral Systems (way back in ‘93) to DP4 and a bunch of stuff in between.  My current primary tools are SC Server for synthesis, DSP, and realtime performance applications, and Common Music and Lisp for algorithmic compositional purposes.
Contact information: